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2016, SSW — Responsive website & dashboard

Goodworld created a unique service to facilitate micro donations via #donate. Sacha designed website’s user experience to encourage donation and drive registration. He extended the newly designed visual identity to define custom components, micro interactions, animation style, iconography and assets for the responsive website and dashboard.

Custom set of illustrations to accompany each step of the registration flow.

Nonprofit and donor dashboards


2014, Fjord — Responsive website & iOS app

As part of a digital and brand transformation, Tabcorp’s Keno partnered with Fjord to imagine and design a killer set of service concepts, design an MVP responsive website and iOS application.

Service concepts

Fjord co-created 15 service concepts to improve the game’s experience. Sacha illustrated each concept to enable testing with customers. Concepts that tested well were implemented into the 2020 roadmap.

As part of Keno’s brand transformation, Sacha lead a small team to design the experience, digital brand extension and detailed UI of a new responsive website. The biggest challenge was digitising the analogue gameplay while staying true to the in-venue experience.

iOS Application

TV4 Election Campaign

2014, Fjord — Responsive website

Swedish TV channel TV4 partnered with Fjord to create a micro site for the upcoming election in 2013. The site used polls to collect the public’s data on various Swedish topics accompanied with live Instagram feeds. Paired with an IXD, Sacha designed a visual identity, IA, page structures, UI and style guide to enable development by TV4’s digital team. A surprise UI animation was created a to assist their digital team and secure the relationship moving forward.

Sutter Health

2013, Fantasy — Responsive website pitch

FI pitched to transform Sutter Health’s doctor directory. An UBER approach was proposed to rate doctors based on their service providing transparency to new patients. Features such as ratings, proximity to your commute, transferring medical records, patient dashboard and advanced search were included. Taking the UX designer’s lead Sacha designed a responsive framework, digital extension of Sutter’s visual identity and all UI necessary for pitch. One my fondest memories of FI Stockholm.

Proposed patient dashboard


2013, Fantasy — Responsive website pitch


2012, Fantasy — iPad & iPhone application

My ultimate team

2012, Fantasy — Card trading game configurator

Treasure chest

2019, Personal — A collection of personal favourites from over the years