2018, Fjord — Property exchange react native app

PEXA challenged Fjord to create a secure app to streamline the transfer of property from seller to buyer. After 4 sprints of research, ideation and co-creation, the app was pending review in the Apple and Play stores in just 8 weeks. Sacha lead and designed the product’s brand, interaction and visual design with 2 supporting designers.

The group tested and refined concepts and functionality each sprint with 48 buyers and sellers and 16 legal practitioners. Then, synthesised and digitised findings into actionable iteration tasks.

Settlement updates

Buyers and sellers receive updates on the progress of their property settlement.


The app allows completion of important tasks, such as confirming your bank account details securely.

Learn what to expect

First time buying or selling can’t be daunting. The app helped users understand the settlement process and learn what to expect when buying and selling.

Custom artwork

Sacha designed and animated a library of illustrations used to differentiate the stages of settlement. Animations were created in Adobe Animate.